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Code Writers - Codes Needed

Discussion in 'I found a Website' started by cybertwigg, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. cybertwigg

    cybertwigg Cybertwigg

    Just thought i would post about a website that might help a lot of you be you coders or someone looking for code i am sure they do other things as well basicly if you want a peoce of code then you would place an add for it people would bid to make the code you would pay for the best bid based on bidders rep/price then youve got your code. if you are a coder on the other hand then you can be the one bidding

    by the way coders bit for want they want paying

    the website is rentacoder
  2. MrFlicks

    MrFlicks Writer SEO Cartoon Designer

    Funny you should mention RentaCoder CyberTwigg

    Have you heard of and/or checked out ODesk?

    I am sort of part way throught their sign up and get going procedures and got a top 10% percentile in English Language usage or some such similar worded exam/test I took the chance to take!
  3. cybertwigg

    cybertwigg Cybertwigg

    no never herd of it will have a look now to see whats its about
  4. cybertwigg

    cybertwigg Cybertwigg

    checked it looks good will have to do some more looking but it looks very good
  5. MrFlicks

    MrFlicks Writer SEO Cartoon Designer

    Thats interesting as I have myself highly priced on there presently - most would say probably way overpriced - but I am still lookibg into it the team building elements and other things so
  6. Jetame

    Jetame New Member

    where are the codes?
  7. jonemark4u

    jonemark4u New Member

    it's not working
  8. IrinaKasper

    IrinaKasper New Member

    Hi) I think you should try Xplace site. There you can find different types of works, from the most easy, without certain skills, to professional level, you can choose what you like. And hourlypay is higher than on similar sites!

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