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How to Share Translation Resources

Discussion in 'TVWorlds General Chat Forum' started by Shftzcosup, May 5, 2017.

  1. Shftzcosup

    Shftzcosup New Member

    As China deepens its reform and opens wider to the outside world, its foreign trade with different countries has been growing rapidly. As a byproduct, translation involving many fields is inevitablein business transactions, information exchanges, and other areas in need of communication between different languages. However for any single translation company, its translation resources are relatively limited. If they are to provide quality language services in a variety of areas, they need to cooperate with other translation companies so that all of them can benefit from a shared large pool of translation resources. Statistics show that currently 60% information worldwide is written in English while 35% is in German, French, Russian, Japanese and other languages. Obviously translation resources for less popular languages are even more difficult to procure. Although most of companies claim that they are able to provide multilingual services, actually, majority of their translators use

    English as their working language and their non-English translators are in desperate shortage. As a consequence, English translations are of better quality than other languages. And more often than not, translation involves many fields, especially some professional ones. But lots of translators are pure language majors without professional knowledge of particular field. To overcome those disadvantages, it is important for companies to share their resources so that they can achieve common development. Several measures should be taken into consideration with regard to sharing of translation resources among different translation companies:

    1.To expand resources by cooperation with other companies. Due to the small size of many companies, it is difficult for them to handle large project, especially with translation of languages other than English. For them to survive in the market, they need to come into alliance with other translation providers. Strategic partnership will enable them to strike a win-win deal. They can make up for one another’s weaknesses while taking advantage of each other’s strength.


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