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Keith Lemon Celebrity Juice Final Episode

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by MrFlicks, May 21, 2015.

  1. MrFlicks

    MrFlicks Writer SEO Cartoon Designer

    Can you believe it is the final Celebrity Juice on TV this evening. Is this the end of Keith Lemon and Holly Willoughbooby and the crew do you think?

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  2. MissTVWorlds

    MissTVWorlds Super Moderator

    Ermm in one word NO it's not the end just the last in the series, so if he doesn't see you through the week he'll see you next series :D
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  3. MrFlicks

    MrFlicks Writer SEO Cartoon Designer

    Doh another one of my Homer moments there then if you look through that Window of mine above as I didn't realise until you posted and the Celebrity Juice program got under way that they was just talking "last episode this series" and not last episode ever! LOL nice to know there will still be more "Celeb Juice" to come though don't you think?

    If he does see us through the week I hope he pops round on a nice day when it's not too windy and brings his own meat and drink along so we can have a barby...
  4. Christ

    Christ New Member

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