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What is the longest running drama series on TV?

Discussion in 'TVWorlds Main TV - Television Shows' started by cynusalisa, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. cynusalisa

    cynusalisa New Member

    Hey friends I have seen these drama shows with great excitement. But Can You plz tell me what drama show will be running for the longest period? You Guys have to tell me the difference between True Blood & Dexter............
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  2. katlinfrench

    katlinfrench Member

    I think blue blood will stand in the same category and can achieve it too.
  3. ridhi

    ridhi New Member

    Ya... blue blood will stand in the same category and can achieve it too.
  4. alishachuhan

    alishachuhan New Member

    My longest running drama tv show Dancing with the star.I like this show.I never missed single episode.My all the family like this show.........
  5. nicole35

    nicole35 New Member

    I think blue blood is oldest drama show
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2011
  6. rosejasmin56

    rosejasmin56 New Member

    I think Simpsons is one of the best and longest running TV Show online..I've watched every single episode of Simpsons show...Very funny and lot of comedy in it....

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  7. martinhulk1

    martinhulk1 New Member

    I think the longest running drama show is Doctor Who. Its airing from 1996 and till now this show is never ends.
  8. Coleman1218

    Coleman1218 New Member

    oooooooooops i think i don't know because i don't like Dramas TV shows
    i just like to see Cricket match new channels with TV
    I know this is really amazing fro you but that's true i don't like

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